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The agriculture of the district is represented by the companies Kukhchitsy, Gritsevichi, Lazovichi, Moroch, Zaostrovechie, Plemzavod Krasnaya Zvezda, Naliboki-Neman, Orda Agricultural Company, the Tucha agricultural company (the branch of Minsk Kristall), Kletsky Rayagroservis, agricultural production cooperative Shchepichi of Kletsk Mixed Fodder Mills and the Argokombinat Kletsky branch of the Kletskaya Krynachka company.
Farmland amounts to 61,839 hectares, of which 55,563 hectares belong to agricultural companies. The average mark of the farmland is 37.6. The average mark of the arable land is 40.4.

The district specializes in milk, meat, grain, potatoes and sugar beet production. The Kletsky branch of the Kletskaya Krynachka company specializes in growing berries and fruit.