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The cultural sector of the region includes: the regional center of culture, 17 rural houses of culture, the Moroch crafts centre, the Kolkin folklore centre, the Kletsk children’s school of arts, the Zubki children’s school of crafts, the History Museum of the Kletsk region, 25 libraries, 18 library clubs.

The top-priority cultural goals is the organization of recuperation, revival of national traditions and crafts, enhancement of workmanship of art collectives, search and introduction of new approaches to the activity of clubs.

The collectives of the Kletsk region take an active part in oblast and national contests.

The region has been renewing and developing cultural and recuperation activity, widely attracting different categories of people to cultural events of the region. Cultural workers take every effort to enhance prestige of their profession in the modern society, popularize cultural and entertainment events, increase the participation in different amateur associations and hobby groups. The region organises cultural events for elderly people, families with many children, creates conditions for recuperation for people with special needs.