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1 March 2021

The team of Minsk region became the best at the stage of the Cup of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation

The squad of Minsk region traditionally ranks among the prize-winners of the Cup of the Belarusian Biathlon Federation among boys and girls, but for the first time was able to become the best in the team event at one of its stages. The historic success happened in Novogrudok.

- Difficult weather conditions - 13-14 degrees of frost - did not become a hindrance for the children, - told MLYN.BY, Alexander Chapkovsky, coach and biathlon teacher at the Pleshchenitsa State Regional Secondary School of the Olympic Reserve. - Snow in Grodno region, as well as throughout the country, piled up above the roof. We drove to competitions, for example, at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour: the roads are slippery, everything is wrapped in a thick white layer of white blanket. And already on the spot they did everything possible so that the wards would not freeze: hot tea, heaters, warm clothes ... The track was in excellent condition, for which thanks to the organizers.

This, by the way, was the fourth stage of the Cup among boys and girls born in 2002-2005, as well as in the junior group (2006-2009).

- It is difficult for us to compete with representatives of the Vitebsk region, where there are two specialized biathlon schools, - continued Alexander Chapkovsky, - but he said to the guys: “It's hard, but you can?”. I'm glad they got it right.

There were many young shooting skiers of the Minsk region among the champions and prize-winners: Kristina Kudelko, Ulyana Kamornikova, Pavel Matsul, Maksim Pavlovich, Bogdan Maksimenko, Sabina Ankudovich, Alexander Storozhenko.

Some took the most offensive in sports - fourth place.

“Believe me, sometimes such a position is more expensive than any medal,” my interlocutor explained. - For example, Valeria Potryasaeva received a special prize for fortitude. She ran about half a kilometer before the shooting range on ... one ski. In the forest, her mount broke. And, you know, I tried so hard that sometimes her speed was no worse than that of those who had everything in order with their equipment. At the shooting range, she was offered to leave, but she refused. When he saw what had happened, he immediately ran to her for a spare ski. This is the spirit of the girl!..

Chapkovsky also asked to mention the coaches of young biathletes: Alexander Skalsky, Marina Mikhnevich, Valery Yatskevich, Anatoly Sinyuk, Vladimir Alenishko ... Without them there would be no such success.

- And further. In our time, one cannot go anywhere without help. They help us with all their might - transport, inventory, everything else, - said the coach. - I will note the role in this of the head of the main department of sports and tourism of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Yevgeny Buloichik, as well as Yaroslav Popovich and Andrei Ordynsky.

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