10 Mayakovskogo Square, Kletsk, Minsk oblast, 222531

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The largest trading network in the district is the Kletsk regional consumer society. The population is serviced through 76 retail facilities with an area of 8.29 thousand square meters. The main role in trade support of the population of the region and, first of all, the rural population is played by the trade objects of the Kletsk District, which account for 47.9% of retail space.

There are 2 shops and 2 public catering facilities to the trade objects of the roadside service. There are 3 mixed markets in the district, of which two "Kletsk Koopzagotprom" for 324 places located in the town of Kletsk and one "Kletsk Housing and Communal Services" - 39 places, located in Zaostrovechye.

63 small settlements, where there is no fixed sales network, are serviced by 5 auto shops of the Kletsk District.